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    HSV701 HDMI distribution matrix over IP system

    • Resolution up to 1080P@60Hz
    • Support PoE(802.3AF), easy for installation, improve system robustness
    • Support HDMI loop-out on sender
    • Support seamless video switching, no black screen
    • Support WEB UI for system management
    • Provide CGI/SOCKET for accessing of up layer control system
    • Support software update by WEB or command line
    • Maxim capacity of 120 senders * 120 receivers
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    HSV562 KVM Extender over IP + Loopout

    $56.00 $99.00

    Visual Lossless &  Latency<80ms  & TX w/Loopout

    1. Extend FULL HD HDMI signal over 100 meters via single CAT cable
    2. Extend USB signal over 60 meters simultaneous
    3. TX with Loopout
    4. Support PoE function.
    5.H.264 Encoding solved the issue of image being fuzzy.

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    HSV321 HDMI to USB3.0 Video Capture + Loopout


    1. no need install driver , and it is truly PnP .
    2. compatible with Windows , Linux , OS X Operating systems
    3. USB3.0 , 300-350MB/s throughput and it is compatible with USB2.0
    4. The process of video and audio is done by the dongle and will not occupy the CPU .
    5.It can capture one single channel HD HDMI video signals .
    6.Automatically detect the input video formats and automatically just to set output size and frame rate
    7. Video signal can reach 1080P/60Hz .It is compatible with UVC video capture and YUV 422 video output .

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    HSV800 HDMI extender over Powerline Only

    $200.00 $255.00
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    HSV524 Quad hdmi multi-viewer switch with KVM USB control

    $104.00 $155.00

    1.Support 4 signal sources input and 1 hdmi output
    2. Support 4 USB signal input and 1 usb output
    3.Support 4 signal sources to be displayed simultanously. 
    4.Support 4 signal sources to be switched freely.
    5. Support audio extraction and SPDIF and  R/L(RCA)
    6. hdmi 1.3, support 1080p
    7. Support Physical key and remoter to switch display modes and audio output, and mouse and keyboard can control 4 computers
    8. Low power comsumption,6W


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    HSV521 Quad HDMI Multi-viewer switcher

    $95.00 $105.55

    The device enables 4 differnt signal source to be displayed on one screen simultanously, split screen into 4 parts. User can switch signal source via remoter to select differnt splitting models. Feature: 1.Support 4 signal sources input and 1 hdmi output 2.Support 4 signal sources to be displayed simultanously. 3.Support 4 signal sources to be switched freely. 4. Support audio extraction and SPDIF 5. BIN control

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